Our company designs and produces a variety of products available on both, domestic and international markets. Our products are divided into the following categories:

Ear Tags

Sofa, Bed, Cabinet & Coffee Table Legs

Accessories for Pools

Refrigeration & Cold Room Components

Aluminium Profiles

Cold Room Profiles

GreenHouse Components


ADLER S.A. established in 1997, specialized in the production of plastic and metal components. All these years has earned great recognition not only to Greek market but also abroad. The primary aim of the company is the maximization of the satisfaction and the best service provided to its customers through the constant incorporation of technological and industrial innovations.


In addittion to the above, we can research, design and produce any product you wish under your request.





Adler S.A., is certified for its quality management system based on ISO9001 standard for the production process and disposal of all its products. In addition, electronic ear tags are certified by ICAR. All ear tags products are certified by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development.

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